Everyone who owns a steam account and steam items or steam game keys can create giveaways.
You will start with a giveaway limit of 1. When this giveaway ends successful, which means that the winner marked the giveaways as "Received", your limit will increase by 1. If you can't send the item your giveaway will be canceled and your limit will be decreased by 1.
Yes, you can enter the same giveaway multiple times. It increases your chance to win.
You must send the Item to the winner and mark the item as sent, if the winner marks the item as received you will get all coins which users spent to enter your giveaway, you will also get 60-100% of the earned coins as xp and 500-1000 base xp.
If you create a giveaway and can't send the item anymore, your giveaway will be canceled and your giveaway limit will be decreased by 1. Everyone who entered your giveaway will get their coins back.
You can write a support ticket, we can make small changes like, changing the duration, changing the price or description. We can't change the item.
Yes you can, but your giveaway limit will be decreased by 1.
Five random featured giveaways are shown in the top spot of the page. It's visible to everyone.
If you share the URL of a giveaway while you are logged in, and someone starts using you will get 1000 coins automatically.
After you have to logged in with your steam account, you have to enter your steam trade url and your e-mail address. This makes it easier for everyone, users will send you, your won items using your trade url.
Yes, you can edit your data anytime.
You can request the deletion of your account only if you don't have active giveaways.
Coins is the virtual currency which used in steambitcoins to enter giveaways. You can get coins every 10 minutes, trough referring other users or trough hosting giveaways.
You can exchange your coins into bitcoins.
Bitcoin is a real virtual currency which you can sell for real money. 1 coin equals 1 Satoshi which means 0.00000001BTC. 1.00000000 Bitcoin is shortly 1BTC. 10000 Satoshi are 0.00010000BTC. You can check the BTC price HERE